For businesses operating across multiple locations, effective management can often be a challenge. Our CRM software tackles this issue head-on with our robust Multi-Location Features, designed to streamline operations, maintain consistency, and enhance overall business management.

Seamless Management Across Locations

Our Multi-Location Features offer a centralized platform to manage all your locations seamlessly. From appointment scheduling to staff management, all critical information is just a few clicks away. This holistic view allows you to efficiently coordinate operations across all branches.

Inventory Tracking

Never run out of essential supplies with our multi-location inventory tracking. This feature gives you a real-time overview of your stock levels at each location, ensuring that your services never get disrupted due to inventory shortages.

Unified Customer Experience

Ensure a unified customer experience regardless of where your clients choose to visit. With a central database, customer history and preferences can be accessed from any location, ensuring personalized and consistent service.

Financial Reporting

Our multi-location feature also extends to financial reporting. Get a snapshot of your financial health across different locations, identifying which branches are performing well and which may need additional support.


As your business expands, our Multi-Location Features grow with you. Easily add new locations to your CRM platform, ensuring your business operations remain smooth and efficient, regardless of how many locations you have.

Multi Management

You have multiple locations that you need to manage. The Multi-Location edition of Clinic Software is right for you. Access all the information you need at each location quickly and easily.

Two PC or more than two PC at more locations. Standard comes two PC at two locations. Full Access Anywhere, Anytime… 24/7/365 …

That’s because Clinic Software offers a all-in-one solution built based on the unique business needs of multi-location management and all the facilities will provide the full control for your business, consistency, comprehensive records and security you need to manage your businesses better than ever, including our professional class support. is guaranteed to increase your profitability and empowers you to be in complete control of every aspect of your practice.

The bottom line is: will take your practice to the next level… Guaranteed!

Whether your practice is new or established, small or large, is designed to continue the growth of your clinic.

Managing just one or hundreds of professionals is easy! will automatically track a wealth of information for you regarding all facets of your business.

We Offer More Than Just A Software! Make your Clinic more profitable! 
Make your Clinic more efficient! Make the most of your time!

In conclusion, our Multi-Location Features are integral for businesses operating in multiple locations. Enhance management efficiency, maintain a consistent customer experience, and seamlessly scale your business with our sophisticated CRM software.



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